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  • Found the problem, and it had nothing to do with this plugin but with a setting in one of the custom hooks I created with Genesis Extender :).

  • Something else I forgot to mention is that I added ‘post’ to the Custom Rewrite Slug field. I then realized that this was a mistake too, so I removed it again.

    When I look at the database tables of the posts, in the column GUID I can see several different links. Some are formatted as /dier/felix, some as /post/dobey, but all belong to CPT ‘dier’.

    Even changing the permalink structure in WP to default, links like don’t work.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    The actual name of my custom post is ‘dier’, with an hierarchical taxonomy ‘soort’. The post themselves are the names of the animals.

    So I should be able to view
    and for the posts

    but I can’t. I will check on the Formidable Pro forum as well.

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