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  • I concur. I am populating a select box with a generated id for the value and a text value for the label using a prepare_field filter. When I dump the field choices after the filter it is correct as is the HTML that is generated. However when I have the select field return both, it returns the id in both value and label. Even more, when I have the select field return the label, I get the value.

    Scratch that – I figured out what I was doing wrong. I should have been using the load_field filter not prepare_field. It works now.

  • I abandoned the cloned fields because I needed more than just field values to show in each row. I now have links to view and edit each object, custom checkbox…the kitchen sink. I am now using custom WordPress admin lists, basically the equivalent of the Pages, Posts or Users list with filters, inline editing, sorting, etc.

    If you get stuck and want to know details I’d be happy to share some code. Sorry I’m no help.

  • I was having the same issue because I am using cloned field groups quite heavily. But I discovered a work around.

    1. Set the Collapsed field value in the Repeater to your cloned field.
    2. In your cloned field group add the class “-collapsed-target” to the field you want to show when the repeater is collapsed.
    3. Enjoy.

    Also, if you have multiple fields per row, one (or more) of which you want to display when the repeater is collapsed, add the “-collapsed-target” class to ALL the fields you want displayed. Just make sure they don’t add up to more than 100% width. I do this with a Person repeater where I show the First Name and Last Name when the repeater is collapsed.

    This is definitely a hack, but for now it works.

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