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  • By the way: Going back to an older Version of ACF Pro doesn’t solve the problem. I tried all Versions down to 5.7.0.

  • Thank you for your answer. I’ve reviewed the Code of ACF and I’m with you.

    Usualy use ACF Pro in Themes for completly new projects. In these cases, I handle it the same way like you: ACF Pro is a requirement for the theme to run. But in these cases I’m in complete control of the installed plugins.

    I’m going an other route with the current Plugin and use the build in functions of WP or a framework for the options.

  • Yes, that’s the cleanest method. And I’ll do this on this praticular installation.

    But sometimes I have no control over the used plugins (e.g. if I do work for an Agency). And in these cases it is required by ACF, that I use it as an include in my plugin.

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