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  • Same issue here. Elliot any chance for 5.0.9 to fix this on the pro version? I have this on quite a few client sites and manually reverting to 5.0.7 on all of them is not going to be a fun task. Would be so much easier if I can just update the plugin to get the bug fix. I just went through them all and updated to V5 from V4 yesterday not looking forward to doing it again 😉

  • For anyone else who may have this same issue. I just added


    at the top of my script. Then I run the script via cron. Works like a charm. This is not in functions.php and it’s not run by wp_cron. It’s simply a php file with the line above and my code nothing more.

  • Is it possible to get ACF included? I’m trying to do basically the same thing but just php. I have the code working correctly in a template. But I need it to run via wp_cron. None of the ACF functions work in functions.php. Is it possible to use the data I have in options fields in a function run by wp_cron? If so please give me an example of how to make it work.

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