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  • Edit: [SOLVED] It is enogh use the $value and store it even if the var_dump( $value ) gives me two strings.

    Hi @Elliot,

    as you can notice I have some trouble regarding the hook add_filter('acf/update_value/name=long_tit');

    I am customizing your functionality in order to remove the default WordPress title and set it (and the slug) with the info I can get from a text field.

    You can check all the code at this Gist ( but the thing I do not understand is why my value is been repeated. Here is an example of a var_dump() on the variable that will contain get_field('titolo_lunghissimo', $post_id) . ' ' . $value;

    string(5) " Test" string(9) "Test Test"

    Why it is set as two string instead of one? And why I can’t put my hands on the first string?

    Can you help me up with this?

    Thanks in advance for the tool and for the help

  • Hi JMB,

    have you published something about it? I tried to follow your code but there is some strange behaviour with it…

    I mean, if I update a title I’ll get both values, the old one and the new one as title of my post.

    Ive tried a var_dump() on the $value and I noticed that this will be printed twice, the first string contains the new value and the second will contain both…

    Can someone will help me up with this?

    BTW I am using the ACF PRO 5.0.5

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