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You have returned a logo id, not the url?

  • Hey guys,

    I am developing another static webpage on the same host server for a separate company from the wordpress blog. However the content needs to be streamed from the blog to this new page. So far I can get everything from the database using your wp_postmeta table 🙂 (good work on that), however the images which I also need to display return 2 properties:

    logo : 2361
    _logo: field_50c7c88adae14

    Now unlike the text fields which return fine, this does not point me to where the image is being stored or the name of the image. I am wondering how using a php file separate from WordPress I can decode your image id and get the name and path to the image. Is there perhaps a class I can import that will decode this?

    Just to re-iterate, this does not contain a wordpress blog, the only connection to the blog I have atm is a mysql db. (last resort I can setup rss feeds or something but I don’t want to have to do that just to get the image lol).

    Good Job, Big Fan,
    ~ Jacob

  • I think that you’re looking at the attachment ID for the logo. Try querying the database like so:

    SELECT * from wp_posts WHERE ID = '2361';

    Is that the image you’re looking for?

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