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Wysiwyg Field showing as Textarea

  • I’m using 4.3.4 on WP 3.8.1. I created a WYSIWYG editor inside a repeater field and it doesn’t show the toolbar. It is different than the normal textarea, it looks like it behaves like a WYIWYG field, but with no toolbar. I tried with multiple options.

    I’ve also checked the Chrome inspector and there were no errors.

  • Hi @arpad

    If the toolbar doesn’t show, it is most likely a JS error. Can you have the console log open and reload the page?


  • I did so. Still no errors. I made a screenshot. The field in the middle should be a wysiwyg.


  • I reinstalled WP and it works now. I don’t know what could have happened. Thank you anyways. It looks like it wasn’t the error of ACF. Cheers.

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