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Wrong saving post_excerpt: field not working.

  • Hi guys,
    after upgrading to most up-to-date WordPress and ACF version, I have an issue creating new fields, and also calling back the old ones in the front-end.

    If I create a new Field, instead of new_field as post_excerpt I have this (attached). I think it’s the “post_content” being place in the wrong place in the database.

    Then, I have to go to phpmyadmin and manually change te post_excerpt to new_event to have the field available. Also if I change the field order, all the affected fields are again saved in this way…

    How can – if possible – fix this?

    I tried disabling all the plugins one by one, the issue is still here…

  • What you have shown is the field definition. ACF stores the field definition in post_content.

  • Hi John, thanks for the quick answer!

    This is EXACTLY the issue. As I save a new Field, this is what happens in the database.

    Then I have to manually change the post_excerpt.. it seems it is stored twice. Any idea why is it happening?

  • It sounds like you have a filter on the site that is supposed to alter the post_except when a post is saved that is also affecting ACF field posts.

  • I’ll check this and will be back to you, thanks!

  • I would search code for calls to wp_update_post() starting in the theme and then moving on to plugins.

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