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WPML (not)translate fields

  • I am making a catalogue of products and i need to make it for 3 languages. I have choosen ACF and WPML, but i have difficulties to set them to cooperate as i need it.
    Example: let’s say I have a custom post type Product

    This Product got it’s standard fields like Title, Text … that are translantable, and then a Group of Advanced Custom fields.

    Some of AC fields are translatable (e.g. some extra texts), but some of them are not translatable (e.g. product code, some boolean param, number of some parameters, color). And I need to make the post synchronised, so when i e.g. change the product code, color, it must change it for all languages.

    I have read but i do not know what exactly should i set up (for field and for _fields)

    Other specialities:
    – translatable texts, not values – e.g. color field – this param is the same for all three languages (so when i change it in one country, it should change everywhere), but all of them got a different name for the color.
    – media files – the media might be translated – there might be one file valid for all countries with all texts, file that is valid for all 3 countries, but the title/description will differs, and files, that are separate for the 3 countries (e.g. videos, manuals …)
    – Repeater fields – again, some fields might be translated, some of them not and i do not know how many of them will be added, so as i understand it i cannot set this in wpml/translation management

  • Hi @tkapler

    ACF uses the field name to save its data and thus to avoid data loss and also enable synchronization of your fields it is recommended to enable field group translation.

    Each language will require it’s own translation of a field group. You should create your field group in the default language and then use the ‘Duplicate’ tool to create a duplicate field group in the new language. You can then edit the field’s label, settings but the field’s name must remain constant across all translations.

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