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WP 3.7.1 and Repeater fields

  • I’ve used ACF + repeater fields on MULTIPLE projects and LOVE it (Looking forward to what you have in v.5!!!).

    Ever since upgrading WordPress to v.3.7.1, I’m getting a number of interesting Fatal Errors — Allowed memory size to Maximum execution time of 30 seconds to a cache issue. I’ll try a number of “fixes” but nothing seems to help.

    I’ve attached 2 screenshots:

    1. a screenshot showing 1 of 2 repeater fields with the fatal error
    2. a screenshot showing my ACF field setup. Not how 1 repeater works, but the other is “maxing out of memory” and only a text field is being used.

    Any advice?

  • Hi @sdacreative

    Perhaps you could install a debugging/profiling plugin to show all the WP queries / functions which are run. Then you can see what your site is doing and find out if it is the repeater field, or perhaps something else

    Hope that helps.


  • Later in the day, I found that I was able to make a 2nd repeater with Title, Text, and Image fields. For whatever reason, using the repeater field with Post Object or Relationship is a no go.

  • Hi @sdacreative

    The post object field is not very efficient. It loads all posts and displays them in a select field. This could explain why the server is running out of memory.

    The relationship field should work much better as it uses AJAX to load the data.

    What else is your website running? Many plugins / theme functions?

  • I wouldn’t say the site’s running a lot of theme functions — pretty generic stuff in my opinion. And the only plugin operating is your ACF + repeater and a shortcode plugin.

    I thought I did try the relationship field and was still getting the error, but as of right now, I cannot remember.

    Consider this forum posting solved or moot (for lack of a better term).

    Looking forward to v.5, Elliot. Keep up the good work!


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