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WordPress ACF Rest API, get images in base64 format

  • I’m using wordpress only for the API with custom endpoints created with ACF. I was wondering if there’s any way to return images URL + base64. I need also this format to create a PDF in my website.

    Here’s the response from wordpress API:

     id: 179,
      acf: {
       gallery: [
         ID: 700,
         id: 700,
         title: "Title",
         filename: "filename.jpg",
         filesize: 388629,
         url: "",
         link: "",
         alt: "",
         author: "2",
         description: "Description",
         caption: "Caption",
         name: "name",
         status: "inherit",
         uploaded_to: 0,
         date: "2019-04-03 14:05:27",
         modified: "2019-04-03 14:06:11",
         menu_order: 0,
         mime_type: "image/jpeg",
         type: "image",
         subtype: "jpeg",
         icon: "",
         width: 1200,
         height: 1600,
          sizes: {
            thumbnail: "",
            thumbnail-width: 150,
            thumbnail-height: 150,
            medium: "",
            medium-width: 225,
            medium-height: 300,
            medium_large: "",
            medium_large-width: 640,
            medium_large-height: 853,
            large: "",
            large-width: 640,
            large-height: 853

    Is there any way that base64 image format can appear also in json ?

    I’m using [jsPDF][1] to create pdf:

          const doc = new jsPDF("l", "mm", "a4");
  => (
            doc.addPage("l", "mm", "a4")
            doc.text(35, 25, item.title)
            doc.addImage(item.BASE64, 'JPEG', 15, 40, 180, 160)



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