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WordPress 3.6 Revisions: custom fields no longer tracked

  • Hi @sapsapdesign

    I’m not 100% as I am unable to sit down and compare all the files to 4.2, but I am confident that all you need to do is swap the post.php, revision.php and also the input.min.js files

    You should be able to look at all the commits on github and find the one with a relevant comment such as ‘revision fix’


  • Hello,
    I just updated my ACF to 4.3.0 and it’s working great.
    But there is the same problem with some extensions such as “Gallery Field” or “Location Field”, maybe more.
    Is there some solution how to fix it, or will be the update available soon?

  • Could it be that there is no revision-support for Repeater Fields? There is only the count of the fields saved in revisions not their content.

  • I recently created a custom field type, which stores the data in an associative array. The revision preview for the field was therefore broken. I solved the problem by adding a filter on line 127 of core/controllers/revisions.php:
    $value = apply_filters('acf/input/'.$field['type'].'/revision_format', $value);
    And adding the filter in my custom field __contsruct method like so:
    add_filter('acf/input/heirachial_relationship/revision_format', array($this, 'format_value_for_revision') );

    function format_value_for_revision($value) {
       // Do your thing
       return $value;

    Be great to see this added to the core Elliot. Though the filter may not be named in keeping with the rest of the plugin.

  • Hey Elliot, I was testing out the new WP 3.8 with your plugin (+flexible content) and it looks like adding or removing a row without changing any text doesn’t create a revision.
    Basically create the field group:

    1. create flexible content field
    2. add text field in it

    Then in an article:

    1. add row to the flexible content field
    2. write something in the field
    3. Save -> revision created. it works so far
    4. delete row
    5. Save -> Revision not created, OOPS
  • Hi @bfredit

    Thanks for the info!


  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the bug report. I have just found and fixed the issue.
    The issue was not in the flexible content field, but in the core ACF plugin.

    I have pushed an update to github and will release a full version soon.


  • I was unable to find the add new topic button in the Bug Reports forum.

    Wordpress: 3.8.1
    ACF: 4.3.4

    Revisions are created, but the custom field content is not restored when you restore a revision.

    Steps to repeat:
    1) Add a text field custom field with ACF.
    2) Put in some default information in it: 111111
    3) Updated it to: 222222
    4) Restore the old revision (expected to read: 111111) still reads: 222222

  • Still getting no revisions with ACF latest and WP 3.8.1

    My custom post type supports revisions. If I change a value in the backend, the revision will be stored, even in the ACF fields. But if I update my custom post type via frontend, the ACF is saved correctly, but there is no new revision to be found.

  • I’m having this issue when trying to use the front-end forms. Updating a CPT to change the taxonomy or one of the custom fields does update the revision history.

  • Thanks for an amazing plugin guys.
    I have a similar issue.

    When I make an edit to the custom fields themselves without editing the title or content, then yes the revision will be saved.

    However the revision is not shown in the compare section below. It will only show me the differences between the previous revisions and the current if I edit the title or content.

    Is it possible to fix this bug please?

  • I have same issue not get revisions of repeater field but its little urgent can you please help me for this bug?
    as soon as fast

  • I didnt manage to fix it.

    What I did was to create a new field called Change Summary (possible as the main content even), and each time I changed anything I updated it. This forced a new revision to be stored.

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