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WooCommerce and ACF Causing 502 Error

  • I’m experiencing a super strange issue at the moment. When I go to an edit page like this… [domainame]/wp-admin/post.php?post=53213&action=edit I’m getting a 502 error. This is only on the admin side as the front page still loads. I narrowed it down to a problem with the way WooCommerce and ACF Pro are interacting. If I deactivate either plugin the admin page starts to load just fine. I narrowed it down further to a flexible content field (in a field group that is assigned to that page). The flexible content field has an entry called books ( which has a book repeater. Inside the book repeater is a links repeater ( If I remove the links repeater the admin page in question starts to load just fine. In my opinion there has to be some sort of infinite lop created with the way ACF and WooCommerce are interacting in regards to this repeater, thats on a repeater, that’s in a flexible content field group. Any ideas how to resolve?

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