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Willing to pay for Question on Advanced Custom Fields

  • Hi guys, I’m looking for someone who is willing about an hour of his time, for a maximum of $ 100 to offer support on skype / email on some issues of ACF and WordPress in general. So I look for a good developer.

    In this case I would like to explain this:

    How to save individual pages options that I create. I noticed that by default saves all pages simultaneously existing options.

    Create a theme that supports properly a subject Child. At present, I do not understand why, come out errors php.

    How to set the output of the theme customizer in an external CSS file and not nel’head.

    I need these three points. I’d also over time, if possible, always paying in advance, someone who can from time to time to answer my questions. I will not work, but only answers to questions.

    Thank you in advance anyone available for this offer.


  • Why not just ask your questions here, it’s free.

    Just explain the problem clearly, code and screen shots usually help.

    Post one question per topic.


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