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Who is responsible for ACF integration in Visual Composer?

  • Hi,

    I use ACF Pro in combination with Visual Composer (VC).

    In VC an ACF element is visible and can be embedded in a post/page. All the custom fields can be chosen and the content is displayed in frontend.

    But repeater fields bring an error with the content “array” and not the original content.

    Who is responsible for debugging this error?


  • Since VC has an add on for ACF, I would say you should contact them. I just read their information on the add on and it says “all standard Advanced Custom Fields” so this probably does not include any of the premium field types in Pro (repeaters, flex fields, gallery fields) You’re probably going to need to do some custom coding to get them to work.

  • Hey Christian, check WP ACF-VC Bridge plugin which better integrates them.

    It has proper support of repeater field as well as many others like Google Maps, Flexible Content, Gallery, Tables, etc.

  • Got it right after a short search in May 2017

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