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White Screen when creating a Field Group

  • I’ve used Advanced Custom Fields previously with the same theme without issue. I just installed it on another site and attempted to create a New Field Group. I was successful. That was simply naming the group. No additional changes.

    So then I hit Edit and attempted to Add Field when I hit Publish, it goes to a white screen and does not save the new Field(s) added to the group.

    So then I deleted the group and attempted to redo it and got a white screen on Publish.

    I deleted and reinstalled the plugin, but the plugins stuff is still in the database.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi @lcg_1111

    Thank you for the question.

    This issue is quite strange, have you identified any errors on the console that you can report?

    In order to successfully delete a field group and remove all the entries in the database, I would recommend you delete and trash the field groups from the edit screen.

    It is also important to rule out a plugin conflict by deactivating all other installed plugins and checking whether the same issue will be replicated.

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