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What to do to make the iframe inlude the append?

  • Hello Community,

    first of all I want to say that ACF works amazing!
    I use it as placeholder for a bunch of videos on my WordPress site.
    I embed them from vimeo via oembed.
    The only thing is:
    Vimeo offers a function called “background”.
    It’s usually attached to the URL like this:{Video-ID}?background=1
    Unfortunately the appendage after the Video-ID is ignored,
    in the iframe there is only the URL of the video without the “Background”-attachment.
    I think some PHP-Code is to include anywhere,
    but I don’t know which content is to be written where (?)
    How can I make the iframe source become the full URL?
    I hope you can help.

    Thxs, best, Roman

  • Not 100% sure what you are doing. Are you using an oEmbed field for the videos?

    Give more details, fields used, code used, etc.

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