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What can block submit value in acf_form ?

  • I am using the ACF form but my “Submit value” is not recognised, in this (custom) theme.

    Something in my theme is apparently blocking my value, because if I switch to twentytwelve, the custom value in the submit button is showing.

    I var_dumped the acf_form right after the form, see this image. I highlighted the value. You can see my value = Send, but the form shows the default Update value.

    I tried deactivating plugins (which I didn’t expect would change a lot, since twentytwelve used the same plugins). I also deactivated parts of the theme, but so far no change yet.

  • Hi @beee ,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    From your explanation, its quite clear that the problem could be caused by some code altering the $post object in your acf_form.

    Kindly check in your themes functions.php for any hook in use the affects the object. You may try removing it and testing to narrow down the search on the specific method with the altering effect.

    I hope this helps.

  • My $post is a new TimberPost(), so I tried creating a TimberHelper, as described on the previous link.

    That gives this output for $post.
    Would you know which var could cause this issue ???

    It’s not really needed anymore, since I have found a solution but I’m still interested to know/understand it.

    Solution: I just created a simple shortcode with attributes to determine the array values. Just test this and works as expected…

    PS you don’t have to thank me on each post for ‘reaching out’ 🙂

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