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Vertical Menu/Tab, Info Visible On Select

  • I have a tab system where user click on a tab and are able to see the info on select. Each tab has a label: Features, Specs, and Manual

    Under ‘Features’, there are five links on the left column and the content needs to appear on the right. So for every link they click on in the left column, the info. would appear on the right.

    I’m not completely familiar with ACF and could use some ideas on how to accomplish this feature.

  • Hi @toad78

    I believe you need a custom Javascript, AJAX and CSS code to do it. ACF itself will only help you to save the data, not showing it in a flashy way like that. This page has a good tutorial on how to use AJAX in WordPress: To learn more about ACF, please take a look at this page:

    I hope this helps.

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