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Validation of two fields

    • MatinRz

    • January 15, 2020 at 4:02 am

    Hello friends
    I will illustrate my problem with an example.
    In WordPress I have a custom post type called Mission Definition.
    I defined a mission with the following specifications

    – first name and last name : Matin
    – Mission Start Date: 2020-01-14
    – Mission End Date: 2020-01-20

    And I saved this mission, then I want to make a new one.
    I want no mission in the name of Matin to be saved from date 2020-01-14 to date 2020-01-20 and give an error.

    Thank you for solving my problem.
    I have attached a photo of the fields for you dear friend.

  • You need to create an acf/validate_value ( filter. For example you can add the filter on the name field. In the filter you need to get all of the values you are validating on and then do a query to see if there is existing posts with that value. In the past I posted an example of doing this here

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