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Using non-acf custom fields with acf_form()

  • Hello all. I’m currently developing a frontend editable area for users and it’s going great using acf_form().

    Now, I’m about to move on to editable events using the WooCommerce Event Manager which has its own custom fields. My question is it possible to get these to load using the acf_form() function. Having no success at the moment.


  • No, ACF will not work with fields from other plugins. You have to create ACF fields using different names and then you have to create an acf/save_post option that uses these fields to correctly update the fields in the other plugin. You would need to look into how the fields in the other plugin can be updated in the documentation for the plugin or by contacting the developer of the other plugin.

  • Thanks for the reply, John.

    Managed to find a workaround by duplicating the plugins custom fields in ACF and they then in turn both update.

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