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Using Location Rules when displaying values

  • I have recently discovered the ability to limit field groups, and group fields, to user roles. Combined with other rules, like post status, means I can define that a group can draft a field but not edit it once published. Wonderful.

    Also – I have a lot of fields in some cases. They have long Labels.

    Also – I would like a non-administrator without PHP skills to be able to change a display template. How this relates to the first two points, is that I would like to loop through all my fields, recursively, and display them in a content template. The problem is that some of the content should not be visible to everyone. While I can set this for edit, I can’t set it for display. Except manually on every template. A change means modifying templates.

    I can recusively loop through all field content, but the get_field_objects does not return location rules for field groups. I haven’t found another way in the API to get location rules at all.

    Having access to something like this via the API would be helpful. I don’t think it should be automatic, because sometimes developers like to do some crazy stuff, but if there’s a flag or flags available, then we can use them, on a field group, or group basis.

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