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Using acf/load_value with Options Pages

  • Has anyone used acf/load_value to pre-populate a bunch of values to a field (in this case, a repeater) on an Options page? I can’t get this to work. No errors thrown, but no magic happening either.

    This happens to be a Network install.

    I’ve checked that the key names are correct, and now I’m stumped! My best guess here is that because we need to pass the post_id and this is not a post/page, it’s not going to work … ?

    Current (failing) code below.

    add_filter('acf/load_value/key=field_59e3c01dff5d3', 'ek_option_defaults', 10, 3);
      function ek_option_defaults($value, $post_id, $field) {
          if ($value === false) {
              $value = array(
    		            'field_59e3c02cff5d4' => 'FCCLA',
    		            'field_59e3c031ff5d5' => 'Family, Career and Community Leaders of America',
          return $value;
  • Hi

    the filter ‘acf/load_value’ is used when you are calling ‘get_field’ in the frontend i believed. The proper filter you are looking for is ‘acf/prepare_field’.

    So, your code would look something like:

    add_filter('acf/prepare_field/key=field_5a17b5c21950f', 'ek_option_defaults');
    function ek_option_defaults($field) {
        if ($field['value'] === false) {
            $field['value'] = [
                    'field_59e3c02cff5d4' => 'a',
                    'field_59e3c031ff5d5' => 'a'
                    'field_59e3c02cff5d4' => 'b',
                    'field_59e3c031ff5d5' => 'b'
        return $field;

    Cheers. 😁

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