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Using acf_form with options plugin

  • I am creating a portal where my client can login and edit posts, pages, and site elements (created with the ACF options plugin) from the frontend. I am doing this using the acf_form function to create front-end form with ACF fields.

    When the user is editing posts or page I set the id parameter on the acf_form options as the id for each post and page, obviously, but when I am displaying the fields for an options page, what should I use as the ID field in the acf_form options since the options aren’t tied to a specific post/page?

  • Hi @arcanepsyche

    Just set the post_id param to ‘options’.

    You may also have to specifically set the field_groups argument to load int he correct fields, not 100% sure of the top of my head.

    Let me know how it goes


  • Thanks, that worked. And yes, it does seem like you have to manually set the field_groups, but that’s fine for my situation.


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