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Using ACF when other plugins might have it in "lite" mode

  • Hi All,

    How do I work with ACF if other plugins (that are not mine) have it in lite mode and I can’t see the ACF menu? Is there a way to force it on the menu while working with ACF on my own plugins?


  • if they’re using the filter

    add_filter('acf/settings/show_admin', '__return_false');

    create your own filter with a higher priotity

    add_filter('acf/settings/show_admin', '__return_true', 20);
  • Thanks John. I will try that.

    Seems like one is like this:

    if( !defined('ACF_LITE')){ define('ACF_LITE',true); }

    Doe that change anything?

  • The only way you can change that is to remove that define statement from the plugin, or comment it out.

  • Thanks John. Yeah that sucks but I guess I will have to do it.
    Do you know the correct way of implementing the ability to hide an included ACF in a plugin menu while still allowing other plugins to enable it again?

    The example above doesn’t seem to work…
    Only the ACF_lite define seems to hide the menu.

  • This is what I go by, If you do this then you need to provide some documentation on turning it off of provide some way for other developers to turn it off, basically to avoid the problems that you’re having.

  • Just noticed in your other topic that this method does not seem to work, but there is no documentation on the define statement that I can find in any of the ACF documentation. That leaves me confused.

    To be 100% honest, I’ve given up on hiding or disabling the ACF menu. I just make others editors instead of admins. I’ve also given up on the idea of including ACF in plugins and themes because this just creates too many other problems.

    The admin of a site should know every plugin that is installed and have the ability to update them when they need updated. Adding a plugin to another plugin or adding a plugin to the theme removes this ability.

    Then there are the issues that you’re seeing. As a site owner I decide I want to install ACF, but because some other developer has disabled the admin I have to dig through all the code on the site and figure out how to enable it again… like I said, there should be a way, a filter, that allows this to be turned on and off.

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