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Use same field block many times on one page?

  • Is it possible to use the same ACF block in several places on one page? I am trying to create a site with a series of pages like this (main content is in right column):

    …made up of several types of modules, most of which are shown in the image. Module 3 and 4 (and maybe 2) seem good Repeater candidates, while Module 1 is just a title and a text block. Any page may contain several of each type.

    I am, presently, trying to determine if this can be done “directly” or if this needs to be done using Flexible Content Fields, where each “block” can be one high-level Field Group (one for Module 1, one for Module 2, one for Module 3, one for Module 4, etc.) — OR if this cannot be done at all.

    The image shows the type of content I am trying to build with ACF. Is this possible, reusing modules on the same page as it seems I would need to?

    Thanks very much for any feedback.

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