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Updating multiple versions of ACF Pro

  • I am having an issue updating my version of ACF Pro. I have an activation key, but it is only working to update on one site, and is not unlocking for other sites. this is the message WP tells me.

    There is a new version of Advanced Custom Fields Pro available. View version 5.0.8 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.
    To enable updates, please enter your license key on the Updates page. If you don’t have a licence key, please see details & pricing

    Any idea why it is not allowing for updates, even when my license information says I have an unlimited number of activations?

  • I am just wondering, is the issue with activation because I am behind a firewall for my development site?

  • Hi @unwrittendevin

    Thanks for the post. I’m not sure why activations are not working. A firewall may prevent the ‘connection’ between your site and ACF to test the authenticity of the the license.

    Have you entered a license and it has activated? When you are on the ACF -> Updates page, do you see information about the latest version?


  • I know this is an old thread but getting the same issue. Just migrated to MediaTemple and getting:

    Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.

  • Sorry it somehow righted itself. No isses.

  • Likewise, an old thread but this is just started happening for me. Am currently on 5.3.0 and trying to update to 5.3.1.


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