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update_field not working on comments

  • I have a custom field on comments for subscribing option but it doesn’t get populated using the upadte_field() method.

    I am creating the comment dynamically and updating after I create it. The code looks like:

    $insertedCommentID = wp_new_comment($data, true);
    	if ($insertedCommentID) {
    		update_field('field_5abe804d6db31', isset($_POST['subscribe']) && $_POST['subscribe'] == 'true' ? 1 : 0, $insertedCommentID);

    I create the comment using the wp_new_comment (that returns the comment id) and then update the field (using the field_key instead of the field name) but nothing happens. I’ve tried other fields (text fields, text area, etc), with no success.


    is just the comment ID. The value that ACF needs is "comment_{$insertedCommentID}", the same syntax as getting values needs to be used for updating.

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