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Update field with repeater + relationship

    • ahirwp

    • January 31, 2020 at 12:20 am

    How can we update relationship with repeater field? We have repeater field:

    Sponsor -> field name(repeater field)
    Select sponsors -> Sub field.(relationship)

    Now we want to update select sponsors field,I know how to update relationship field standalone means without repeater field but stuck with repeater field.

    update_field('select_sponsers',array(1142,1141), '102');

    looking forward to solution 🙂

  • When you update the repeater field the values need to be in a nested array, you will also need to use field keys instead of field names.

    // replace field keys with your real field keys
    // Sponsor -> field name(repeater field) - field key (field_XXXXXXX')
    // Select sponsors -> Sub field.(relationship) - field key (field_YYYYYYY')
    $repeater_value = array(
      // each nested array is a row in the repeater
        // each row contains field key => value pairs for each sub field
        // select field
        'field_YYYYYYY' => array(1142,1141)
    // update field using repeater field key
    update_field('field_XXXXXXX', $repeater_value, $post_id);

    alternately you can use update sub field explained here

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