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Unticking Content on Hide On Screen doesn't register

  • I’m using ACF blocks. I had a field group (that only applies for pages with a parent page ie subpages) which initially had “content” ticked under “Hide On Screen”. It worked but now I want to be able to edit the content but when I unticked the Content tickbox for Hide On Screen and saved it seems like it hasn’t registered.

    The content area is still hidden (ie there is no Add Block button) for subpages, although it does show for parent pages. I looked in the database in wp_posts for post type “acf-field-group” and the serialized variable “hide_on_screen” is empty for all field groups. I’m also using acf-json but the json files also all have hide_on_screen empty so it seems it hasn’t registered that it’s been unchecked.

    Parent page which is showing the Add Block button:

    Subpage not showing the Add Block button:

    ACF Hide on screen area which is all unchecked but used to be checked:

    Rules for ACF field group:

  • Please ignore this, turns out I was doing something stupid.

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