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Unable to locate custom fields in WP Admin

  • I created the following site real estate in Jan/Feb 2015.

    I used ACF to create custom fields for a few of the listing fields to show up in the listing details on the property pages and created groups so related fields would be together in boxes on the post entry page (lease property fields in one, sale property fields in another, recent transactions in another).

    For example:

    We no longer use all the fields which were originally created. I’m writing a “how to put your property on the website” cheat sheet and I’d like all the unused fields to be removed from the new post/property layout.

    While I can see some of the fields I created in Theme Options – I can’t find the other fields I created anywhere (other than the post page where a back-end user would fill them in) to remove them. I’ve looked in ACF and they aren’t there. I’ve looked through all the settings, all the toolsets, double checked all the plugins which could possibly contain them – nothing. And I can’t find anyplace where the group boxes exist.

    I’ve seen a few posts in Google Searches on how a WP update may have made my fields disappear – but I can still see the fields in the post form – just not anywhere else to remove them from the post form.

    Any ideas on where else I should look would be much appreciated.

  • Update – using WP 4.8.2 and using ACF Pro – 5.6.4

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