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Two question related to the current beta behaviours/restrictions

  • Greetings, I would like to ask a few questions related to Gutenberg and the current/future integration of ACF fields & field groups.

    1. Number of field groups per registered block.

    Let’s say I register a “carousel” block via acf_register_block(). Then I proceed to create a field group with the same name and configure it to show inside the “carousel” block. So far, so good (said block and fields show correctly inside the post/gutenberg editing screen). If I create now a second field group (e.g. “Misc settings”) and set it to be show either in the “carousel” block or in “All blocks”, the block doesn’t appear anywhere. It seems like currently I’m limited at 1 field group per registered block. Is it a bug/limitation of the current beta and we can expect for it to work.

    2. Shared fields groups and use of the sidebar

    While editing a post using Gutenberg, the sidebar holds a few fields such as text and color settings aswell as an additional CSS class field. I would like to add a few more fields to customize every block in a similar manner. For example padding/margin/img-video-gradient/background/parallax/opacity settings/fields to be shown there, in the sidebar – yet it doesn’t seem possible at the moment. Again, is this something we can expect for the next beta releases?

    Thanks in advance!

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