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Trying to sync ACF fields and values across Multisite

  • Greetings friends!

    I have a group of sites on a multisite that I’d like to synchronise ACF fields and values between. Basically there’s a content block containing some images and copy snippets that I’d like to keep consistent across the group of sites.

    Ideally updating it on one predetermined “master” site and having all the other sites update or synchronising any changes in these fields across the group would be most ideal.

    What is the best way to achieve this?

    I’ve seen some plugins/addons that seem to be able to set achieve this across and entire multisite however I’ve got other sites in there that I’d like to remain unaffected.

    Please forgive me if there’s an obvious solution here, bit new to the fancier ACF stuff!


  • I too, am looking for this solution. 🙂

  • +1 here. I would be happy if I could simply sync certain ACF content between multiple sub-pages.

    It seems like there is already a solution for this and I am blindly walking past it again and again.

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