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Trouble Importing XML file into ACF Pro

  • I’m trying to export fields from ACF free to ACF Pro and getting the following error: “Failed to import “Blog”: Invalid post type acf”

    ACF Free: 4.4.12 (appears to be the most current version)
    ACF Pro: 5.6.8

    I’m exporting each field set to an xml file and re-importing through the native WP importer (WordPress).

    How can I fix this?

  • You cannot export from ACF4 and into ACF5. The way that these two versions of the plugin store field group and field setting in the database is completely different.

    ACF4 had a single CPT named “acf” and this stored all of the field group and field information for the fields in the group.

    ACF5 now has 2 CPT, “acf-field-group” that stores field group information and “acf-field” that stores field information. Fields are child posts of group posts and other field posts.

    The only way to automatically transfer from ACF4 to ACF5 is to import to a site using ACF4 and then upgrade to ACF5.

  • So, where can I find a download of acf4Pro so that I can install that and updated it? All I in my ACF account are downloads for ACF5Pro

  • You’d just upgrade from ACF4 to ACF5 Pro using these instructions… I can’t find the old instructions for going from 4 to 5Pro. Only from 4 to the beta of 5 free version. I’m not sure where they went but I posted the steps in this topic, though now I don’t know if they will still work. But they should.

  • I was struggling with this this morning and came across this thread. I just wanted to confirm that I was able to fix this by spinning up a temporary install of WordPress. I grabbed the old version of ACF from the site I was exporting from. Did an old-style export/import that uses the WordPress importer XML. Then I installed ACF Pro, did the database upgrade, then exported the JSON from the temp install. Imported that into my new site using the ACF JSON importer and all was well.

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