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Trading Cards, taxonomy/hierarchy Help

  • The image is basically what I’m trying to achieve with ACF & Elementor. The hierarchy and putting this together has been giving me trouble for the past 4 days now so I’m posting this for help.

    My Logic right now: The Star system is the “top or highest” level for a custom post (Card)
    Example 1) Footwear>Sandals>Laces
    Example 2) Computer Hardware>Computer Parts>Motherboard>*Options: FormFactor | Chipset | Memory Slot | PCI | Brand | RAID| etc….

    Are Footwear & Computer Hardware(Parent Category) The same as the 3,4,5 stars logic?

    1) Is The Star system 3,4,5 a Taxonomy, Post type or Field group. Or categories of WP normal post?
    2) Is the Element Type (Fire) a Taxonomy or Field Group?
    3) Is ATK & DEF a Field Group?
    4) Can every stat on that card have its own archive page or be filterable, Eg. highest attack 4 star card?(not a big deal if not)

    I’m basically trying to create an archive page that looks like the image above. It displays all Ratings 3,4,5 as the screen shot. Assigning the glow and styling are elementor things i can do with css or theme builder which aren’t an issue.

  • Took a day off, watched videos on taxonomies, site structure, etc… I got it now. I went with the custom field group method then used a plugin that can filter custom field froups.

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