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Tie a User To Equipment ACF Fields

  • Good morning, I wonder if this can be done acheived, and if so could you give me some pointers.
    I have a set of ACF fields called “assets” holding custom fields such as make, model, s/n, etc. I have set them to show in a custom post type called “equipment”, and also in the user add/edit pages.

    What i would like guidance on is:
    I add the assets custom fields in the equipment post type. How then would i tie a user to that specific equipment?
    For example: John Smith works on Make, Model, S/N etc.
    When he views his profile page the values will be listed under him.

    These values also need to be viewable by everyone if the equipment link is clicked.
    I have set up a single-equipment.php page up and the values show fine, but its just the tying the equipment to a user that i can’t work out.
    Hopefully this makes sense to someone.
    Thanks in advance

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