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the_sub_field ignoring $post->ID

  • Hello,

    I have flexible content field and relationship field within flexible content. You can find code here and live example here, scroll down to Culture section.

    So with flexible content field authors decide if they want to add quote or person’s card. If they add person’s card, they can choose if it’ll be displayed as a single card or grouped with 3 other persons. Within person’s card I have a custom fields for position and email. These fields display correct information if the card is single but for some reason for grouped cards they display the same values of let’s name it “base” entry that hold 3 other related cards. Check Culture section at

    So this part of code

    <span class="position"><?php the_sub_field( 'person_position', $post->ID ); ?></span>

    display values of “base” entry and not related even if the correct ID is passed. So for $post->ID I get correct ID of related post, not “base” post.

    So do you have any idea why $post->ID is ignored by the_sub_field()? Whatever I put for ID, dynamic $post->ID or plain number like 130 it’s simply ignored.

    Any help will be much appreciated!


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