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The `wp:acf` tag does not product any output

  • Hi,

    I am pretty new to WordPress and ACF so please bear with me )

    I have created a custom, theme with some templates.
    In the admin I have used ACF to create some custom field e.g. left_text and right_text, and I have set the value for those fields in a post I created.

    Then in the template I use <!-- wp:acf/left_text --> but it does not output the value for left_text any ideas what am I doing wrong?


  • What do you mean by “template”? You cannot use tags like <!-- wp:acf/left_text --> in a php template.

  • Hi John,

    sorry maybe I failed to explain correctly.

    I have a block theme, and in the templates/single.html file I have added the <!-- wp:acf/left_text --> tag.

    Other tags e.g. <!-- wp:post-title /--> work correctly there and produce output.

  • P.S. If I use a php template instead e.g. single.php at the root directory of the template <?php the_field('left_text'); ?> produces the desired output, which confirms that the field name is correct.

    It is just that I want to show it in the HTML template.

    Thank you very much for you help )

  • the tags you are referencing are processed by WP when it gets the content from the WP editor. I have no idea how these tags are processed in the PHP template or how to include acf fields in this manor.

  • I see, do you know by any chance which method the <!-- wp:acf/left_text --> calls? I can try to debug it myself if I know what it calls.

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