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The repeater sub_field bug with wp media image

  • Hi,

    (approximative english, sorry)

    I’m using the repeater add on since yesterday, and something went wrong.
    I have created some sub fields to create a slider on my website. Each slide is composed of a NAME, DESCRIPTION and a WP MEDIA IMAGE.

            // check if the repeater field has rows of data
            if( have_rows('slider') ):
                // loop through the rows of data
                while ( have_rows('slider') ) : the_row();
                    // display a sub field value
                    $titre = the_sub_field('titre');
                    $sous_titre = the_sub_field('sous_titre');
                    $image = the_sub_field('image');

    The 2 firsts sub field are ok, but the image field returns an error, saying :

    Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/.../wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/core/api.php on line 687
    119, , cote-rose, , , image/jpeg, http://.../rose.jpg, 2000, 1187, Array

    What have I done wrong ?


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