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Google Map field type: Ability to retrieve all potential properties

  • Currently, as I understand it the Google Map field type is only able to bring back street_number, street_name, city, state, post_code and country.

    This is great for some addresses but using UK addresses as an example will not retrieve the fill address. In most cases, the town and county portion of the address is not accessible as these generally use postal_town for the town and administrative_area_level_2 for the county. Whereas State will bring back England, Scotland or Wales etc which are rarely used in a written address and of not much use.

    This means that for an address such as 34, High Street, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3EY. We can only display as 34, High Street, England, UK, TN34 3EY Which isn’t very useful as it misses out on the Town and County – essential for a national address.

    There are many more segments available in a Google Maps place it would be great to have access to them all, the above is just an example of an issue I personally struggled with recently.

  • Just tried to use the ACF Google Map on a UK Site. Client is asking where is the County? From what I can see this is down to ACF not the Google API.

    Client has said this isn’t workable without a county – so as far as I can see we can’t use ACF Map fields in the UK?.

    When will this be fixed?

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