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Text field on custom post type is validated on save draft

  • Hey folks

    hope you can help med with this one as I cant seem to figure out why this is happening.

    The problem is that text field or text area that are required are validated when saving a draft. That shouldnt happen and indeed it doesnt happen if it is on a post – only when the fields are on a custom post type.

    Is that a bug or by design?

  • From my experience this is always how ACF has worked.

  • Hey John

    I wrote to ACF support about it and they will look at it as a bug.

    I could understand if the validation worked like this every time and on both post, pages and CPT. But the error only occurs on CPT.

  • I know it has been a while, but how come that, as an admin, I can save my drafts without the required fields but my clients (with the editor role) cannot?

    It’s a huge real estate form and it’s essential for them to save their progress mid way.

    They contacted me today and seems like this is the first time they came across the issue.

    Anyone has an explanation for this?

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