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Taxonomy Field Type Query

  • Hi all,

    I’m trying to work out how best to do this with Advanced Custom Fields.

    What I’m trying to set up is a series of fields you can “Tag” posts to classify them, for instance by Genre, Writer, Director, Rating etc. and display these terms separately.

    I had initially set up a number of different Taxonomy fields, thinking these would work. When I tried to enter a value into one, anything I would enter into one would suddenly appear in all of them.

    Upon a little bit of further inspection, it looks like all these values go into a single tag list, which is not very useful for me. Obviously a list of Director’s names appearing against the Rating would not be very meaningful. I am also hesitating on trying to use Categories as I use Categories for the purposes of classifying the reviews for the front page – eg. Movie Reviews, Game Reviews, etc. I’m not sure trying to repurpose categories for this as well is going to be easily manageable.

    I’m wondering if anyone has done something similar to this. I would love to get some feedback on how best to approach this – surely if you are able to set up multiple Taxonomy fields in a field group, it is possible to have them store different information somehow.

  • Sounds like you would have to register multiple taxonomies and link the fields to these.

  • Is there a way that can be done that would work with ACF here?

    Edit: I do wonder whether a repeater field of sorts would work here?

  • OK looks like after a bit of messing around I got it working 🙂

    I originally wasn’t sure whether I could do a Custom Taxonomy and have them picked up for use by ACF for use with my existing Taxonomy fields, or whether ACF would only use the existing default functionality within WordPress. Took a punt and tried anyways and it seems these are supported by ACF 🙂

    I had to re-do how they were displayed in the template I was using, but that was fairly easily done. (Hey, I learnt something … I’m not a huge coder and I was venturing into stuff I hadn’t done before so it took me a moment, but we got there)

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