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Taxonomy field – multiple (enable/disable)

  • I think it should be possible to select whether or not multiple select should be allowed at a taxonomy field as a setting (like select, page link or post object field).

    “This setting will allow you to select more than one choice. If using the ‘Stylized UI’ setting, you may also drag/drop reorder the selected choices”

    Is this something you could add in an upcoming version?

    It would be great to have when creating for example a button conditional for different link types (internal pages/posts, categories and external links).

  • This is possible in a select field by choosing what type of field to use in the Appearance setting.

  • Maybe i was unclear.

    I mean it should work the same way in taxonomy field ( as in select field. With the option/setting to not be able to select multiple taxonomies or categories.

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