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Taxonomy challenges

  • Looking for help.

    I have built a hierarchical taxonomy for wine regions.

    I created a custom page for wineries.

    I created ACF group for wineries and the user starts with filling in name and address winery.

    I created several taxonomies. One of them is location of the winery.

    Countries (e.g. France , etc) is the parent
    – Regions (e.g. Provence, Bourgogne, etc.) is the child
    — Wine regions (e,g. Bandol, Cote de Provence, etc.) is the grandchild

    Another taxonomy is for instance for ‘appellations’. Appellations are related to wine regions 9as we all know ;).

    First challenge:

    Based on address (which contains country, user gets list of Regions and their Wine regions. The user only has to select the wine region. For clarity’s sake: in the editor the user doesn’t have to select Country or Region anymore.

    All three (Country, Region and Wine region will be displayed in the front-end.

    Country – select taxonomy*
    Address/Town – location* (to be rendered in text and shown on map)
    Region – select taxonomy* (shown list is based on Address/Country)
    Subregion – select taxonomy* (shown list is based on Region)

    How do I put this together?

    Second challenge:

    Also the other related taxonomies like Appellations should first look which in which country the winery is and then show the related appellations.

    For instance:
    if France, then AOP, AOC
    if Italy, then DOG, DOGC
    else (for rest of world) IG

    I tried using the conditional logic but it seems I cannot use the outcome of Country taxonomy selections as argument to show other fields based on values.

    If you could help me I would be very grateful.


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