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Tags field with search option

  • I’m looking for something like what is included in this web form. I like how when i type in the Tags field in this form how it displays a list of tags and I can choose from the list.

    Is this built into ACF Pro? If it is, what is the field type?

    And is there a way to also display a list of all tags underneath as well?

    I am currently v5.6.2 of ACF Pro.

  • Ideally what I would like is a field type with a search box that searches tags. The options i see right now that are available only lists the tags as checkboxes or other…

    I’d like to have a search box with autocomplete. I dont want users to be able to add tags when they edit a post (they can go to the tag manager in wordpress for that).

    Does this field type exist?

  • No, there isn’t a field for tags (taxonomy) that has a search like you are looking for. But if you use a select field for display this field does have a basic ability to search where if you start typing in the first characters of the tag name it will jump to the first one that matches.

  • That is probably close enough. Thanks!

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