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Tabs + Logic hide issue

  • Hi @Hassan Alvi

    Thanks for the video. It’s clear the the JS is not running on page load. Can you please open up your console log and refresh the page. Do you see any JS errors on page load?

  • Here is the screenshot of console at dashboard.. yes, there seem to be a JS error, can you please tell me what to do in order to fix it?

  • I guess I’ve figured out the problem, I’m using a Location field in Home Tab, removing this field fixes up the problem!

  • I need to keep the Location field in the Tab, how to fix the JS issue?

  • Hi @Hassan Alvi

    I don’t believe the issue is due to the position of the location field (inside tab, outside of tab). Instead, the issue looks to be that ‘google’ API is not being loaded.

    Are you using the ACF core google map field? Or are you using a 3rd party location field plugin?


  • I am using the ACF core Google Map Field!

  • Hi @elliot

    Do you have any other plugin / theme code which is loading the google API? It is possible that if you are already loading the google API, then ACF will not be able to load the google ‘places’ API.

    Also, can you check your console log for the network tab and see if the google API is being loaded. You may find that a firewall is blocking it.


  • Hi @elliot,

    I’ve upgraded to the latest ACF version i.e. 4.3.3, the issue is resolved.

    Really appreciate the quick response!

    Hassan Alvi

  • No, this error shown in the screencast above isn’t mine (tab logic and flexible content field). Can someone recomment me an easy and good screencast program for windows? I searched the web but dont’t find anything good …?

  • @Hassan Alvi: Thank you, very good and easy Screencaster. 🙂


    ACF + ACF Flexible Content Field 1.0.2
    (= all is working well)

    ACF 4.3.4 + ACF Flexible Content Field 1.1.0
    (= you are ever forwarded to first tab)

  • Hi @Svenni

    I have recently done some work with the tab field and may have fixed this issue already. Can you please download the latest code from github and test it out for me?


  • Hi @elliot,

    thank you – and done. But no change. 🙁 Is there a repository/beta of the flexible content field?

    Thank you

    Sorry, I forgot that I’m in beta testing group. *shy* Now I test it with flexible content field beta 1.2.1 – no change, too.

  • Hi @Svenni

    Please note the beta flexible content field (in the beta forum) is older than the current stable flexible content field. Sorry about the version numbering, this is misleading and I will look into it.


  • Ahhhh – after I saw that there is an updated repo version, I tested again – and all worked fine with the new version now. Thank you. 🙂

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