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Tab Field Groups?

  • I do apologize if this has been asked and answered before, i’ve spent the better part of the morning reading and watching youtube example videos and have yet to find anything that really answer the question.

    I created a new field group and created my tabs with the fields for Tab 01, then Tab 02, and so on…

    I’ve seen videos and screenshots only on how to set this up within the dashboard, but have not been able to figure out how to output the actual code onto a page.php or front-page.php. Does this use have_rows() like a repeater? Would there be any documentation i could review in order to figure out how to output from the UI?

  • Tabs are a display feature only in the ACF admin. They are not a field that is stored in any way and the fields in each tab are not “associated” with the tab in any way. The tab field is basically only there to allow you to give a better, more easily understood layout to the person entering information.

    On the front end of your site that layout of content is up to you. There are many ways that this could probably be done.

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