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Sync bulk actions

  • allows the admin to sync all of the fields at once by selecting the checkboxes and using a bulk action.

  • In order to get this to the developer you should submit a new support ticket. The developer does not really read the feature requests here any more.

  • Edited: OK will do

  • Sorry if there is some confusion. The developer is working hard on ACF and does not get here as often as he’d like. There are people like myself that do our best to answer question here, but we’re really only other ACF users. The regular support, contacted through the ticket system, I believe keeps a list of feature requests, although I’m not sure. But there is a higher chance that E will see them buy submitting a new support ticket than posting them here, although this could change. E has hired more help and who knows, he might finally find some spare time 😛

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