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Switch to ACF with existing wp_postmeta values

  • I really want to get rid off a few plugins and switch over to ACF Pro. BUT: I don’t know, how to do that.

    What I want:
    Repeater field on posts with myfield_name and myfield_url so i could add multiple Name-URL combinations. (no problems here)
    Import OLD DATA.

    What I have:
    Old plugin saved this info in wp_postmeta like this – even with empty value when no input was done:

    meta_id -> …
    post_id -> the post_id where this info was saved
    meta_key -> name_of_the_plugin
    meta_value ->


    So old plugin used 1 row for unlimited “repeater value pairs”. Maybe there’s someone who knows how I could transport the “old information” and export to ACF.

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