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Submit button in option page is not translated

  • Thank you very much for your job on ACF đŸ˜€

    I run into an issue with the translation of the submit button in the options page.

    It seems that the translation __('Update', 'acf') in the function acf_get_valid_options_page
    into pro/api/api-options-page.php does not work. I’m pretty sure it comes from there because if I add a filter
    on acf/get_options_page I can have my beautiful French word đŸ™‚

    I am able to find the translation __('Update', 'acf') in lang/acf-fr_FR.po:

    # @ acf
    #: api/api-template.php:1237 core/media.php:56 pro/api/api-options-page.php:50
    #: pro/fields/gallery.php:586
    msgid “Update”
    msgstr “Mise Ă  jour”

    But I think there are a misunderstanding about the translation because it doesn’t follow the WordPress’s way.
    WordPress uses __( 'Update' ) translation as a verb instead of a proper noun :/

    Maybe the submit button in the ACF options page should take the same translation as the WordPress admin page: __( 'Save changes').

    Thank you for your time.

  • Same is happening to me.
    ‘Update’ button is not getting translated.

  • I don’t know why, but from my testing I’ve found that this specific string gets translated if we place a copy of file in /wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder, as regular free plugins that get their language packs from

  • I believe the textdomain is being loaded to late, after the acf-pro.php is included.

    Moving the load_textdomain function from init() to initialize() solves this issue.

    Here is my screenshot for Portuguese translation of an Options Page:

  • Thank you for your help/contribution to solve this issue.

  • Hi guys,

    Please see the ‘translations’ section for the acf_add_options_page() function. The best solution is to add the options page after ACF is initialized (all translations will be registered by then).

  • Hi Elliot,

    Thank you for your answer and your time. I’m sorry to miss this point in the doc.

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